About Me

Welcome to Kingseagle Photo and Art.

I am an amateur photography hobbyist and this site chronicles my experiences in Photography. 

A little background. My interest in photography dates back to the time of the dinosaurs. Before the advent of the modern digital camera.

I was in college and I would admire the photographs people took. The only camera I had was a Kodak 110. This would not have been too big an issue, I could always buy a more expensive camera. But cost of film development was. This wasn’t taking your film to the local grocery store kiosk. You had to drop-off the film at a regular camera store. If you did not like how the photograph came out, you can try to fix this or take another photograph. Hopefully, the scene was still available. 

In short, it cost money. Lots of money and time. More money than I was willing to spend. Correction. More money than I had available to spend.

Digital photography has now made this possible. I can take as many photographs as I want without having to spend a lot of money on development. I feel bad for Eastman-Kodak and I wish the company well.

My goal is to become a decent hobbyist, and to share my art. All of this, on a budget. 

I have listed below the tools I use. I will update this list as time and material permits:

  •  iPhone 8 (2019)
  • Nikon D5500 (2019) with Kit Lens
  • Wacom graphire 3 tablet
  • HP Pavilion 595-P0084 Intel Core i7-8700 16GB RAM running Windows10 Home Edition (2019)
  • Monitors.  hp pavilion f1703 VGA, AOC HDMI Monitor (2019)

I hope you enjoy your visit and I look forward to reading your comments.